Why Savvy Investors Are Always Pushing Their Limits & Practicing Stepping Outside Of Their Comfort Zone

May 27, 2021

Successful investors, CEOs and thought leaders also seem to be those who are constantly pushing their own personal limits and getting out of their comfort zone. There is definitely an apparent correlation between these habits and their level of success. Why is that? How does it apply to investing?

Pushing your Limits & Living Outside your Comfort Zone

Those that live this intentionally love to constantly push themselves to be the best that they can be in every area of life. They like pushing their potential to see what they are capable of and to gain perspectives. They also know that to avoid being stuck in mediocre and to get uncommon results, they have to be willing to do things differently.

This doesn’t have to be a major permanent life change. Rather more often is a series of mini experiments. Some habits will be adopted and built for the long term. Others are just tests. 

There are many examples of this, including traveling to new places, spending more time meditating in the morning, fasting or temporarily tweaking your diet. Or even tougher workouts, and signing up for endurance races and marathons. Then there are challenging programs meant to develop your mental and physical toughness like the 75 Hard. 

Applied To Investing

It is important that making these changes and/or stepping out of your comfort zone in this way is about leveling up. It’s not about doing the Supersize Me diet and seeing what happens when you only eat junk food for a year. Though there are certainly plenty of investors who do seem to be taking that approach lately. It may taste good right now, but you know that sooner or later it is really going to bite you back. 

Getting out of your comfort zone and doing the uncommon is critical if you don’t want the average results. Which we know is pretty much being broke and stressed and unfulfilled. 

Instead, this mindset helps develop the courage and discipline to try new things, and stick with the productive ones. Even if they aren’t as fun as ‘investing’ on the tables in Vegas.

There are some key ways this translates to investing. It develops the discipline to try new investments that are healthy for your finances and portfolio. And the balance of hustle and patience to keep investing consistently, and to take action. 

Investment Opportunities

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Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash