The Dangers Of Marketers Running The News & ‘Expert’ Predictions

Aug 12, 2021

The media is increasingly becoming overrun with marketing being sold as news and expert opinion. This can be dangerous for those who rely on these advertisements as fact. 

Content Marketing Has Replaced The News

The ability to control the news by private individuals and companies has been growing rapidly over the past few years. 

This has been great for those wanting to run PR campaigns, influence public opinion, and market their brands. 

However, as publications have become increasingly desperate for content to keep up with competition, they have been increasingly selling their readership short to fill space and bring in ad dollars. 

This is now mainstream. This has become very obvious on formerly respected news sites, like the NY Post, Fox, and even Forbes. You can even pay to get your content published on Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, and just about any other news site you like. We’re not just talking about ‘fake news’ someone posted on their social media feed.

It used to be better disguised, with editors demanding factual content and valuable articles. Now it has devolved into not much more than blatant ads, taking the credibility out of it for any professional with a keen eye. 

Still, this can be dangerous for millions of individuals who may invest or make financial decisions based on this information and biased misinformation. 

Manipulating The Numbers

Contrary to the common saying, the numbers do lie. Or at least they can be very misleading. You may have seen directly contradictory headlines in the same publication on the same day. Statistics can be spun to tell just about any story people like. How these statistics are calculated can make a big difference too, and they’ve been restated in the past too.

Inexperienced Opinion, Portrayed As Fact

In these advertorials, these news sites love to quote ‘experts’. Who are often nothing more than paid advertisers. Some may be experienced analysts. Though more often than not they lack any long term track record of performance through various phases of the markets. 

Their lists of hot places to invest are typically just their personal favorites, or where the inventory is that they have to sell today. It’s not based on hard fundamentals. Few have plans for sustainability of their investments. Many are not really investing by the numbers at all. 

It’s often a case of the blind following the blind, and taking grandma’s money with them. Or that of busy professionals who still trust these publications. We’ve seen how this turned out with cryptocurrencies and the deep losses that caused individuals there. We don't want real estate turning into that.

Making Smarter Investment Decisions

There are three keys to beating this misinformation, and making better money decisions for yourself. 

Look for the raw data yourself. Find out the real numbers all of these headlines stats are being spun from, and make your own common sense deductions. 

Secondly, be careful who you are listening to and getting your advice from. Everyone has their biases and motivations. Understand what those are, and how they are a factor. Also be sure you are listening to those with a real long term track record of success. It is also smart to watch what people are putting money into themselves, not just what they are promoting. We’ve seen stock fund managers actually putting their personal gains into real estate, as well as Jeff Bezos selling off Amazon stock to buy more real estate.

Investment Opportunities

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Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash