Pandemic Investing: Bill Gates, The Third Wave & Silver Linings

Dec 23, 2020

Pandemics and their side effects are probably here to stay. How can we get smart about pandemic investing and enjoy more financial prosperity through this new era?

Pandemics: It’s Just Getting Started

Are we dealing with the 2nd wave already? Or is this still the first? Regardless, Japan has already reported a 3rd wave of COVID coming behind it. That may not show up in the US until some time well into 2021.

Even if a global COVID-19 vaccination mission is successful, Bill Gates (who called this pandemic years in advance) says more pandemics are on the way. He calls them the biggest risk humanity faces now and in the near future. While he says the odds are high we’ll be grappling with a new viral pandemic in the next 10 years, he admits it could be here within the next 36 months. Maybe sooner if international travel opens up. While we may now know what to expect in terms of restrictions in a new pandemic, you have to wonder how much is being invested in tackling future crises like these, instead of just being reactionary to this one. Without being proactive, and investing in advance, it isn’t going to get better. Recognize it, own it, invest for it.

Of course, the data shows that this pandemic has only dramatically accelerated the wealth growth of the richest investors. So, how can we also invest intelligently, with confidence and keep multiplying our finances?

Property Types: What’s Trending?

The big surge in real estate sales and home prices seems to be mostly driven by a combination of investing in this alternative asset class, as well as millions seeking homes that are a better fit for the new era of lockdowns. 

Think properties with gardens, larger homes and apartments, multigenerational homes, and properties with home offices and gyms.

Changing Finances

The world of finance is changing. The crisis and acceleration of technology, as well as new policies may mean these trends are here to stay.

This includes:

  • New digital bank apps replacing old school institutions
  • Cryptocurrencies becoming the norm and increasingly replacing the dollar
  • No more W2 staff, changing how people are taxed and can prove their incomes
  • The elimination of traditional IRAs and 401ks due to regulation, new taxes, and remote work

Bigger Government

Many aren’t sure whether it is because of the crises, or the crises were designed to create the opportunity, but the outcome looks the same – bigger government is coming.

Expect new basic income programs, housing subsidies and government owned housing (or at least public/private partnerships). 

It may be too late to stop it, but you can choose to be the supplier of housing inventory for the government, and have them cash you out or pay your rents. 

Be Flexible

Embrace the new normal. It is already here. Stick to your financial mission and vision, but be flexible on the details of how you achieve it.

Hybrid Investing

Achieve balanced, stable returns with more upside potential, and downside protection through hybrid funds.

Take Action

What is the  #1 difference between those who saw their wealth grow by 30% to 100% in 2020, from those now on the edge of bankruptcy? It was taking action. It was those choosing to invest and make moves instead of spending weeks locked down on TikTok. 

Investment Opportunities

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay