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NNG Capital Fund gives you access to a Hybrid Portfolio of Real Estate Assets, including Mortgage Notes, Residential Property and Tax Liens with attractive annual yields.

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Performing notes are announced in the weekly ezine. Sign up for email alerts here.

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Perform all due diligence and submit your purchase request by clicking the link inside the Note Vault before the end of the bid period.

Step 4: Funding

The Trade Desk will respond the next business day after bids are due. If you win, funding is expected within 48 hours of receiving our Loan Sale Agreement (or within a week for IRA purchases).

Step 5: Loan Servicing Transfer & Collateral File

The loan servicing transfer will be completed and the collateral file will be shipped as quickly as possible, usually within one week (5 business days) of receiving funding.

Note Purchase Process

Protect your finances, elevate your cash flow, enjoy the peace of mind that your future is in good hands.
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