Marketing For Investors: What The New Google Ad Rules Changes Mean

Oct 1, 2020

Google Ads just announced a new update to its advertising and ad targeting policies. If you are an investor or business in the housing, credit or loan sector, or are running job ads, this could have a big effect on you. 

New ad rules and the removal of targeting options aim to remove ‘social bias’ and discrimination in advertising. Preventing discrimination is always a good thing, though even those who have been running online ads and PPC campaigns with the best intentions could find their strategies, campaigns and lead flow interrupted by the latest changes.

Advertisers will have until October 19th to make changes to ads and campaigns or have their ads shut off. Users will have to agree to the new policy terms to keep using Google Ads.

Google’s New Ad Rules

Google’s new ad targeting rules specifically apply to those running ads relating to housing, employment and credit, including real estate services and mortgage loans. 

This specifically affects ads being run to target those in the US and Canada. 

The rule specifically bans using the following targeting filters for these groups:

  • Geographic targeting by zip code
  • Targeting filters for gender
  • Specifical age groups
  • Parental or marital status targeting

The Most Important Parts Of Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns can play a valuable role for real estate and mortgage investors and marketers. Whether you are leasing, acquiring, selling, funding or raising funds, this can be a tool for getting web traffic fast and on-demand. Since COVID-19 came along many are finding ad costs per click have significantly dropped as well. Unfortunately, at the same time large amounts of click fraud can eat up 25% of an advertising budget, right off the top.

Many businesses and investors have grown frustrated with these ads. Despite fantastic click through rates and costs per click, they find it hard to track real returns and deals from them. 

A big part of this is missing out on the most important ingredients. You can run perfect ads, but get no deals from it if you haven’t invested in doing the following well.

  • Great looking, mobile friendly landing pages
  • Optimizing for on site conversions
  • Rapid and convenient contact, response and follow up

These things apply to all similar advertising, including Facebook ads. 

What Are The Alternatives?

Alternatives to Google Ads may include:

  • On site SEO for inbound SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content marketing on 3rd party sites
  • Referral marketing
  • Networking on and offline
  • Leveraging lookalike audiences and personas for other forms of marketing

Investment Opportunities

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Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay