• Class B: 10% Annual Preferred Return Three Year Term
  • Class C: 8% Annual Preferred Return One Year Term
  • Class D: 9% 90 Day Call Option
  • Offering: Maximum $15,000,000 to passive accredited investors

NNG has established an investment vehicle that gives investors unique access to a portfolio of mortgage notes, tax liens, and residential real estate at fixed annual yields. The Company acquires pools of mortgages nationwide, and residential property and tax liens located in New Jersey, where the CEO, Fuquan Bilal has 20 years of real estate operating experience. Using analytics, marketing and extensive personal networks, the Company purchases these real estate assets at a significant discount.

Key Investment Benefits of the Offer


  • Attractive yields paid to Class B and C investors quarterly
  • Reduced risk to investors over time as returns increase fund equity
  • Acquisition of assets consisting of either residential property, tax liens or notes secured by a mortgage on residential property
  • Increased liquidity, flexibility and protection against market uncertainty with a unique diversified approach, with a mix of assets.

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