How To Invest With Confidence, In Uncertain Times

Jun 24, 2022

The past couple of years have had investors riding a rollercoaster of headlines, emotions, and predictions. That seems to only be getting more intense this year. 

How can you continue to invest and hold your assets with confidence, even in these uncertain times?

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Above all, it is important to surround yourself with the right people, advisors, and advice. 

They can help you see what you are not seeing, demonstrate how they’ve successfully navigated times like this before, and how what seems so uncertain probably isn’t. 

They can also support you and encourage you to keep making the right decisions, even when you are tempted to panic or blindly go all in on something. 

The most important factor here is choosing experienced advisors who have been through it before. 

As a result of that, they should already have plans for sustainability and navigating potential changes in the markets. 

InvestIng intelligently, with the right people around you, and having run your models for various scenarios, you can have far more confidence.

Stay Disciplined

These are exactly the times when it is most important to stick with your investment principles. 

Don't be seduced into sacrificing proven principles, just because others temporarily seem to be doing well by kicking them to the curb.

Don’t Speculate

These are certainly not times to speculate. Make your money when you buy.

It may be frustrating to pass on deals, but not nearly as painful as the regret of losing money because you bought when you shouldn't have, or paid far too much. 

Have The Best Team & Strong Relationships

Everyone involved in operations and the connections between them will make a difference. Even more so when times seem a little less predictable. 

Contractors and property managers will make or break your portfolio and asset performance. 

Invest With Those That Deeply Understand The Market

There are a lot of nuances which can be overlooked, but which influence performance. To some they come as a surprise. To others they are already anticipated and accounted for. 

Work with those that are alert to these things. Such as how Section 8 is changing the amount of rent they pay, litigation trends in mortgage notes, and the demand and margins in different property price ranges. 

Don’t Get Too Emotional 

Stay objective. Make the right decisions with information you have, take decisive action, let it play out, don’t be addicted to the ticker feed, and get plenty of sleep knowing your capital is in good hands.

Investment Opportunities

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