How To Beat Inflation For Investors

Feb 11, 2022

Inflation is here. It’s real. If you don’t take action, it is going to eat you alive.

Some investors are enjoying the ride. They are riding the wave, and are experiencing their best finances ever. However, how you try to stay afloat, get ahead and benefit from inflation can make a huge difference in the risk or sustainability you are baking into your financial future too.

Beat It Or Get A Beat Down, It’s Your Choice

Whether you have been noticing inflation’s effects on your expenses, savings or portfolio yet, or not, it is happening. 

Your buying power is shrinking. The real value of your retirement fund is having big bites taken out of it, and that’s impacting your net worth too. 

In fact, we are now probably experiencing the fastest real inflation since the founding of the United States. And with a new Fed rate hike spree expected over the next four to eight quarters, don’t expect that to slow down either. 

You can keep the blinders on and wake up to the painful reality one day. Though it will be a lot harder to play catch up then. Some are voluntarily setting themselves up for that financial beat down. 

However, others are seeing their wealth grow at record rates, and are enjoying their highest levels of income, with great returns. 

Intelligent Plays For Investors In Our Hyper Inflation Environment

A diverse portfolio is great. Benefiting from great appreciation while it is happening is good. Yet, it is also more important than ever to make intelligent investments to not only optimize for the now, but to be well poised for what’s next. 

Some of those soaring investments have already been crashing. You just don’t see a lot about it in carefully curated mainstream headlines. 

Crypto is the perfect example of this. At this time of writing this Bitcoin had fallen almost 50% from its November 2021 highs. 

We are seeing it in publicly traded stocks too. Zoom, which some thought couldn’t fail in the new normal is also down 70% from its Q3 2020 high. Many people have been rejecting it due to its safety flaws. 

Other companies that made short term decisions, taking advantage of customers and raising prices, and underperforming on service, have also begun to see that bite them back. Netflix just saw its share price fall by over $200 as users fled. Upwork, another company assumed to be perfect for the pandemic, has seen its share price down over 50% after a string of bad decisions, raising prices and alienating their most loyal users. 

Compare this with real estate. Rents are up dramatically, and are only increasing. Property values are up. People are still going to need somewhere to live, and it offers brick and mortar security for downside protection. Another contrast is that even if paper values in this sector temporarily dip, these assets can still throw off just as much passive income every quarter.

A New Fund

To help investors offset and stay ahead of inflation, NNG Capital has announced a new fund. One that focuses on both passive income and increasing liquidity. 

Rather than strip back value and raise prices or risk as everyone else seems to be doing, we’ve taken the opposite approach.

Depending on the level of participation, investors in this fund are enjoying 11% returns with a 90 day call option. 

How are you benefiting in, and beating the current economic environment?

Investment Opportunities

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