Great Opportunities For Investors In Q1 2022

Jan 7, 2022

The first quarter of the year is a period of great opportunity for investors wanting to get a strong head start. 

Here are some of the opportunities to be sure you are taking advantage of over the next three months. 

The Holiday Hangover Period

The end of year can be a challenging time for some investors. It is hard and slow to get deals closed. People often delay making decisions until the new year. 

While there is lots of capital available and many people willing to move, as well as temporary distress as people struggle to pay for their holiday spending, many others will be too busy trying to catch up and warm up to the new year. 

This is your chance to get a headstart on acquisitions.

Valentine’s Day

Like Christmas, real estate is a popular gift choice for Valentine’s Day. It’s your chance for great flips. Or to give gifts of real estate yourself, including legacy gifts to family members. 

Property Tax Deadlines

In many states and counties, property tax bills are hitting their final due dates. Many are going to receive much higher property tax bills than they expect this year. Late bills turn into tax liens which can also make great investments. 

Income Tax Season

There are going to be two distinctly different categories of people you’ll encounter at this time of the year. 

One is those that have essentially given the government a free loan all year, and are counting on a sizable tax refund. This is the time of year that this group is best equipped to buy homes, or catch up on their rent. It’s great for selling units, and getting renters and rentals performing again. 

The other group is going to have to pay the IRS. Many will find they are facing supersized income tax bills this year. This is great for raising money for investments as they need to contribute to IRAs. Meanwhile others may need bailing out, and may have to sell assets on the fly. 


There are great and varied opportunities for investors this quarter. Whatever your strategy or goals, there is an occasion to help you get a strong head start on your goals for the year. Make sure that you take full advantage of them. 

Investment Opportunities

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