Focus Is The Key To Investing In Times Like These

Aug 11, 2023

Many investors are struggling with understanding where the economy and markets are going, and how to stay ahead of the curve financially. 

Of course, much of the uncertainty, fear, and turbulence being sown out there in the media is intentional. It gets more clicks, it keeps people tuning in for the next installment, and creates opportunities for big market makers. 

What can you do to successfully manage your money through it?

  1. Don’t Panic

Yes, interest rates are up, banks are in trouble, unemployment could explode at any moment, the political hype leading up to the next election hasn’t even begun in earnest yet, and some sellers like Martha Stewart have had to sell their NYC pads for 40% or worse than they listed for. 

Yet, at the same time rents are up, housing prices in some markets are up 40% since last year, and great deals are plentiful. 

  1. Be Focused

From the earliest years at school, financial education is hidden. The system wants to confuse and take advantage of you. They know spinning the media and markets as has been done recently makes people desperate. As Robert Kiyosaki has said, “desperate people do desperate things.” Like sell too cheap, pay too much, take out high interest rate loans they shouldn’t, and gamble on things they shouldn’t. 

Stay focused. It’s okay to be tuned into all the conversations and trends happening out there. Just be smarter than what you read and listen to. See between the lines. If you can’t do that, at least stay focused on your own game. Put your blinders on, and run your race, and win it. 

  1. Big Picture Thinking 

If you find yourself worrying or panicking about your finances, step back. Visualize yourself above it all. See the big picture. Consider how this is likely to play out over the long term. Recognize how far you’ve come already. Don’t get derailed by the minutia. 

  1. Value Consistency, With Growth

Adjustments to your portfolio can be necessary as things change. Yet, if you have solid assets that produce consistent returns, and passive income, you should be okay. 

Now you can’t just cling onto the status quo or where you are at, you need some positive momentum and growth too. You don’t have to be swinging for the fences all the time though, nor burying your money in your backyard. Neither of those are sound financial strategies, nor lead to great outcomes. 

If you’re not sure how to invest successfully when your world has been rocked with a layoff or your business has been hit by extreme external circumstances, focus on the needs of others, and how to serve them, rather than panicking about your situation. 

Even if it takes a slightly alternative approach than you are used to, this is likely where you’ll find all the answers you need. For example; if things do get hard for others, loan notes will need to be sold at discounts, homes will be sold cheap to cash buyers, demand for affordable rentals will soar. All of these present investment opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

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Photo by David Travis on Unsplash