NNG Capital Fund specializes in sourcing and acquiring hard to get assets at discounts not available to the vast majority of investors.

Applying decades of experience and proven systems, along with our dedication to sustainable investing, we unlock the true potential of these assets and maximize their value and performance with elite management.

Our investors benefit from regular distributions of yields, while building stable long term wealth in their portfolios.


The Company purchases residential real estate initially in five New Jersey counties (Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Bergen and Union) at a discount so that some potential profit is locked in upon purchase. After purchase, the Company will seek to maximize profit, which may require renovating real property with the intent to either sell after improvements are completed or maintaining and managing property in a portfolio of rental properties.


The Company purchases discounted residential mortgage notes secured by residential real estate throughout the United States with the goal of selling these notes for a profit in order to maximize returns and build equity in the Company. The Company will spread the risk of loss by purchasing pools of mortgage notes at a discount so that some profit is locked in upon purchase.


The Company also invests in tax liens and sheriff sales of residential properties in New Jersey. With tax liens, the Company purchases residential real estate properties whose owners have not paid a portion of their past due real estate taxes to the local government. With regards to properties purchased at tax lien sales or sheriff sales, the Company will generally fix and sell the property, or hold it in our rental portfolio.


Protect your finances, elevate your cash flow, enjoy the peace of mind that your future is in good hands.
Invest with the team which has proven to deliver superior returns, provide the best value assets,
and to navigate both times of distress and prosperity.