7 Ways to Stay in Peak Performance

Jun 22, 2020

Whether you are a fund manager, CEO, or individual note investor, these are exciting times. They are full of both distraction and opportunity. Being able to make good decisions and maintain the right mindset is vital for making the most of it.

Check out these seven quick tips for obtaining and maintaining peak performance…

1. Sleep

Great decision making requires sleep and being fresh. There is a time to hustle, but you can sabotage yourself if you are just being busy and can’t think clearly. Do whatever you have to in order to get enough sleep, and true quality sleep.

2. Run

Exercise is vital for health, productivity and optimal mental performance. Running every day is a great way to achieve this. If you aren’t ready for it, start by walking or jogging, or get a treadmill or walking desk for your home office.

3. Journaling

Journaling is one of the most common habits that the most successful leaders and investors share. Try it out. It is great for getting perspective today, and then referring to in order to put everything in perspective over time. If you had a journal in 2008, this is a great time to break it out and read it.

4. Visioneering

This is a powerful daily habit that can help you transcend the shortsighted daily challenges we face. It is all too often shelved after we start gaining some success. It is traded for spreadsheets and analytics, but they lack the emotion that will really keep you ahead.

5. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has many benefits. If your local Korean spa is still locked down, you may also be able to try sweat lodges, saunas, and even getting your own hot tub.

6. Travel

Few may want to risk international commercial travel right now. Who wants to be stuck in quarantine on a layover far from everything? Just don’t let that stop you from traveling. It is huge for gaining perspective and finding new opportunities. If you can get out of state, go camping somewhere new. If you can’t get that far, explore a new part of your own state.

7. Practice Gratitude

If you start and finish your day intentionally looking for all of the things you have to be thankful for, it will change your life and keep you in the best possible zone.

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