5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Have A Positive Impact This Year

Feb 3, 2023

There has been enough doom and gloom in the headlines over the past two years to last another two decades. Sure it attracts clicks and readers, but isn’t often helpful – except for those making money from online ads, and fear based trades. 

There is plenty of uncertainty in the short term. That is true. Though that has been the theme in the press for the past five years now. It is about time we just let it go, and embrace it. 

On the upside, investors with a little fortitude can have an incredibly meaningful impact on the lives around them, the economy, their communities, and the next generation. 

Here are just some of the ways investors who refuse to be driven into a cave by fear can do a lot of good over the coming months. 

  1. Lead By Making Wise Investments

While there certainly seem to be a lot of high risk and losing investments out there this year, there are definitely some solid ones to make too. 

Lead by making wise investments, disciplined investments, refuse to bow to fear, preserve wealth, create income, and make gains for family and others. 

By doing this you cannot just provide, but be an inspiration and beacon for others to do the same. 

  1. Helping Distressed Asset Owners

Regardless of whether it is real distress or simply fear being contagious, there are a lot of motivated sellers out there. We’ll see a lot more this year. 

Investors are perfectly poised for helping distressed asset owners get out, with fair offers, not predatory ones.

It is a service that is needed, and that many will be thankful for. 

  1. Helping Others Find The Real Estate They Need

At the same time there are millions of individuals, families and businesses needing help finding housing and business properties. 

This especially at fair rates for quality products, with good management.

This applies to ends of the spectrum from luxury flips to affordable rentals, through new manufacturing facilities. 

  1. Employment 

One of the best things that investment businesses do is to employ people. Big tech companies, banks, and retailers are shedding countless jobs this year. Many simply did not grow and hire sustainably. 

One of the best things you can do is support employment, and give others the chance to work and provide for their own families. Hire sustainably. Then when you find good people, work hard to keep them. 

  1. Help Good Causes

When you do the above you will create surpluses. 

This will put you in a position to help good causes or even just your neighbors. Charities will be in extra need this year, many people will be in distress. You can donate financially, or volunteer and use the free time you create by generating passive income to just be there for people that need it.

You can do all of this by investing directly in real estate or through a fund that shares your vision, values, and investment perspective.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash