30 Reasons to Invest in a Hybrid Fund this Year

Jan 28, 2021

Is this the year that you upgrade your investing with a hybrid fund?

There are many benefits of investing with hybrid real estate and mortgage funds this year. Below are just thirty of them.

A hybrid fund encompasses mortgage notes, buy and hold and value add real estate strategies all in one investment. It means that you no longer have to choose between them. You can have it all, and combine the advantages they offer. 

This is an investment tool that sophisticated investors have now been using for several years. Here are just some of the reasons they’ve flocked to it, and you might not want to be without it. 

  1. Fully remote investing that can be done from anywhere, anytime 
  2. Ability to invest in the best destinations without having to go there
  3. Asset backed investment, with hard tangible assets to protect your capital
  4. Overcollateralized investments which are worth many times the amount invested
  5. Truly passive income that delivers yields and cash flow while you sleep or vacation
  6. Wealth building, with the ability to compound gains and snowball your portfolio
  7. Scalability with efficient existing processes and great unit economics
  8. Limited liability protecting you from common issues facing front line investors
  9. Privacy and security, which protects your wealth and identity
  10. Leveraging industry leading expertise, without paying huge consulting fees
  11. Deep and wide diversification already built in from day one
  12. Multiple tax benefits that maximize how much of your gains you get to keep
  13. Control over your own financial future and retirement investments
  14. Simplicity, enabling streamlined investing and clarity
  15. Attractive returns that far exceed other asset classes with even less protection
  16. Consistency in returns during all phases of the real estate cycle
  17. Collective access to better investments than individuals can acquire alone
  18. Access to exclusive investments based on the qualifications of fund managers
  19. Easy succession planning and wealth transfer 
  20. Reducing taxes and time lapse on inheritances and passing on estates
  21. Empowering your next generation for success with pro management
  22. Speed of getting started
  23. No need for using your personal credit 
  24. No taking on debt and financial liability to finance investments
  25. Investing alongside other savvy investors
  26. Lower investment costs and expenses at scale
  27. Lower transaction costs versus being in and out of investments all the time
  28. COVID safe investing 
  29. Net profitability that you potentially can't beat as an active direct investor
  30. Recession proof investing through all economic cycles

Investment Opportunities

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